The vision of Polo Epo Organic Tiles Co is to provide you 100% handmade organic Terracotta tiles at most reasonable price and short turnaround in any part of the world. We have already established ourselves as a respected name in the field of manufacturing and export of the handmade terracotta tiles and we aim to continue this journey and brand ourselves as a reliable and trusted worthy name. Our tiles are 100% handmade and we only follow the traditional methods of producing tiles passed to us from one generation to the next. Polo Epo Organic Tiles Co is primarily based on Bangladesh but we have strong footprint in Italy, England, USA and Germany too and we supply to the countries on regular basis hence we have ample experience of exporting our handmade tiles to the following countries. We provide handmade tiles at a very reasonable price due to easy availably to clay and quality human resource for making handmade terracotta tiles. Our hard work is very much appreciated by the customers and now Polo Epo Organic Tiles Co has become a house hold name in terracotta manufacturing and export industry.

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