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The Story Behind Polo Epo Organic Tiles Co

Polo Epo Organic Tiles Co makes 100% handmade and organic Terracotta tiles for making floor tiles, swimming pool copping, base tiles, roof tiles , under roof covering , stairs tiles and special pieces where tiles are used. We  adapt client requirement  and we make any shape and size as per the customer’s requirement. This allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of services in small quantities as well as large bulk supply quantities.

Our artisans are very well versed in the traditional methods of terracotta tiles  and we follow our family’s traditional techniques which we have acquired by  generation. The art is evolving with us each day and we are assimilating new techniques with the traditional ones to form something beautiful which is beyond words. Our tradition, our values reflect in our art of handmade tiles making and the customers can feel the bond we share with our art.


Our handmade tiles are heat resistant, strong and frost resistant. They can sustain in any kind of climate by keep the glamour intact year after year.


Polo Epo Organic Tiles Co has a strong geographic footprint in Bangladesh with a sales and distribution presence in most major markets across Italy, England, USA and Germany too. Our significant marketing presence in the countries enables us to build more intimate relationships with customers and respond to their needs quickly and efficiently.

Our hard work and experience have made us a reliable company in Bangladesh as well as in international market and choosing us for your work mean are guaranteed to get the best services at most reasonable price.

We produce Clay tiles for the construction use. This types of tiles is used under roof (ceiling) and in the floor. We also process fiber glass net from imported raw materials. This processed nets are also used as construction materials specially under the plaster, joints and building crack. Polo-Epo Organic Tiles Co. has over twenty years of experience in clay products .it is specialized in baked terracotta items.The firm produces a wide range of 100% natural hand made flooring tiles, roofing tiles , bricks and swimming pool copings.Besides meeting the country’s requirement we export a big quantity in abroad .For nearly one decades Polo-Epo Organic Tiles Co. has marketed its products to Italy. United Kingdom, France and Spain .The Company now produces million pcs of different products per annum. The company has capabilities to meet customized orders that you might require. All its products have been produced by highly skilled craftsmen following century-old techniques